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Dec 12, 2012 7:00am PST
so successful in this--when you watch the lakers they are blaming it as steve nash is healthy they will be better. steve nash as part is we all know. >> what do you think about this? i was just not baffled, i was embarrassed. a girls basketball team played each other in high school helpful in bloomington south high school. this is an illinois -started in the end. they beat the other team of hundred and seven to 72. i do not get how can you build a winning team and be the coach and participate when is the 172 points. >> do not blame the coach blame will schedule them. >> they played and i do not contest but there's no monkey will. i think it is a shameful. i do not want to lose by that many points. that was just embarrassing. >> would you rather be embarrassed by them not playing the game or just call it off. or do you just play at all and just say is just to get kids off to be serious condition and not be of the schedule if that is that big of a discrepancy. >> will have more coming up. >> the highest tides of a year will be hitting the bay area. apple wants to expand their pr
Dec 24, 2012 7:00am PST
, or hotter -- with the keurig vue. >> the mega yacht that steve jobs commission and the final years of his life has been impounded in amsterdam after a pay dispute involving the designer. the the mist, a $137 million, 260 ft. long yacht, made under official debut in late october. it is currently stuck in the port of amsterdam after the designer, philippe starck hired a debt collection agency to attempt to remit the final payment for his design. according to lawyers at starck's design company, the designer has only received 6 million of the 9 million your rogue commission and is seeking the rest of the payment before the business will be released. >> it is kind of ugly. >> on to bay area weather. we will have more on the holiday forecast. >> we are taking a look at christmas eve conditions. here is a look at the james lick freeway. as we take a look as storm tracker 4 the storm is not really that much to concern ourselves with right now. is just light rain. we do not have any real grain to contend with at this time. there is mid 30's out the door for santa rosa. it is 36 degrees and napa an
Dec 13, 2012 7:00am PST
updated as well as our facebook steve. >> developing is we're following for out of the five people accused in the death of a man found bound and gagged on the san francisco street have pleaded not guilty. the fifth suspect has posted bail and will be arraigned tomorrow morning. this is video from yesterday's arraignment. three of the suspects have been charged with murder and the other two are charged with conspiracy and be an accessory to the crime. we're also learning more details about the victims. the man 26 year-old steven reed was visiting california from georgia. he got here and october was planning to move to the san francisco area. he and a woman were found tied up in the middle of the road on the 900 block of russell street around 830 sunday night. investigators say the suspects in custody shot read and the neck before dumping the two victims industry. the female victim remains in the hospital this morning and is expected to survive. 948 and we want to get a look at the weather and traffic. >> we have several hot spots right now. normally as we start to approach the 10:00 hour it
Dec 19, 2012 7:00am PST
, reresponsible and will keep them safe at home and on the streets and in school. steve jordan says this trip was planned before the new town shooting happened. he did not talk about the incident and the kids did not ask about it. >> outside is a chilly morning around the bay. we will see the sun shine, we just will not feel it. we will be right back. >> knew this morning just in time for the holidays thousands of groceries being given away in san francisco. glide memorial church is giving out the food and mike pelton is live on the scene. >> the line continues to move at glide memorial. people are collecting their free bag of groceries. this is the end of the line here were people receive the bags of food. let me show you how many people are still waiting in line. i am on ellis street and goes all the way down and wraps around jones. lots of people are waiting to get food. allied plans to give out 5500 bags of groceries that come with turkey or chicken. the people that receive the food say it means a lot >> it helps. it helps out real good. when you're all by yourself and your family is wait
Dec 31, 2012 7:00am PST
. as we take a look at the very important new year's steve forecast. at 8:00 p.m. you should dress in layers because it will be really close. it will not rain. as we pushed into midnight on we offical welcome in 2013 it will be light winds and the forecast. check out your inland temperatures. they will dip into the mid 30's by midnight. >> i do now have any chain controls an affect for tahoe. there is freezing fog for the next couple of mornings. your high will climb ride around the freezing mark and temperatures for your overnight low will be below zero. your kron 47 day around the bay shows that it will be pretty quiet. it will be rain for thursday. no ransom the forecast as we transition into the weekend. this is your last morning report for 2012. >> it has been a pretty good ride around the bay and it will continue to be this way. we're not tracking any delays are caused by spirit there have been no more reports of icy conditions. the bay bridge is light and easy. there are zero delays on the approach or across the span. the san mateo bridge ride is the same perio. the golden g
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5